Friday, December 31, 2010

Recycled Fabric

My friend Anna makes the coolest totes from recycled bags! I already bought a few, but I left a few good ones for everyone else!
Anna uses regular plastic grocery bags to create these beauties. Did you know that you can carefully cut plastic bags and iron several layers of them together to make fabric? You can then use any pattern and sew your own bag. I have seen several with fabric lined insides, but none of them are as cool as Anna's clever designs!

 I purchased Bender and R2. I wanted them all, but I had to save a few for her other friends!!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Featured Zibbeter

Being the Featured Zibbeter is probably the highest honor they can provide.... and guess who gets it all week long?! ME!!
 Over a month ago Jonathon Peacock the CEO of Zibbet sent me an email telling me that he LOVES my shop, and would like to offer me the interview for the week of 12/13.  I have been trying to keep this a surprise (and believe me it was difficult to keep my big mouth shut), but here it is and I am still jumping in circles!!

So feel free to visit Zibbet, scroll down to the bottom and take as many screen shots of my face on the HOME PAGE of Zibbet. Feel free to purchase some of my items...or just spead the love!