Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I am biting my nails, it must be the holiday season

 These last few weeks have been super busy. I am trying to prepare a holiday inventory, but it seems to be vanishing just as quickly as it is made. I am not signed up for any holiday craft fairs, which is probably a good thing. I am hoping to get into the Brookings Oregon Bazaar again this year, I hope it goes better than it did last year! I am on the waiting list. I also just got a call back from  a Botique in Trinidad...(ahhh, Trinidad!) so we will see if they work out.
 I am now selling my items at Many Hands Gallery, in Eureka as well as Eureka Natural Foods. I am trying to get my smaller sterling silver earrings into the Plaza Design (super fancy shop) and a few other cutsie stores on the Plaza here in Arcata. I ***really*** need to work on my sales pitch. I also need a nice glass topped display case or something so I can bring a few examples to different shops. Right now I am using a clear plastic chocolate box from last Valentines Day (gheetttoo!). The girl at ENF says that it doesnt matter what I say when my items look as good as they do! I dont know is that is a good thing or a bad thing.
Bear and I will be going to Monterey for Thanksgiving. I would really like ot get some earrings out around there, or possibly in Santa Cruz! They would sell really well in Santa Cruz! Unfornatully I need to work on building my inventory first!

Here are somethings I made today:

Wish me luck!!

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