Thursday, July 5, 2012

Metal Foling Chair Makeover

Folding Chairs: Reupholstered in 10 Easy Steps

 We received 3 folding chairs for free when we purchased our sofa (also a Craigslist purchase). The folding chairs are older than my youngest sister and are very uncomfortable. They are nice for large dinners and parties though, so we keep them around. I have really been wanting to give them a facelift, and I have been searching Pinterest for ideas. I could not find a DIY site for the exact type of makeover that I wanted to do, so I kind of put everything together and just went with it. So here is my official DIY Folding Chair Remodel for Pinterest!!
 You will need:
Old (or new) folding chairs
1/2 inch to 1inch foam (I used 1 inch)
thick fabric (I used outdoor fabric)
staple gun and short staples
spray adhesive (not necessary)
spray paint
screw driver

Step 1: Take your folding chair apart. Mine just had 4 screws keeping it in place.

Step 2: Spray paint your chair. I gave my chair 3-4 coats and made sure to take my time. It took almost a entire 12oz can for 1 chair. I didn't do anything special to the folding  brackets, and it folds and unfolds just as it did before.

Step 3: Trace your seat onto the piece of foam. The lady at Joann's said to cut the foam with a bread knife or an electric knife. Since we do not have an electric knife I tried the bread knife...and it did not work. So I relied on good old scissors, which left a wavy pattern, that  didn't end up on the final product. (I actually did this between coats for paint). 


Step 4: When you are done cutting your foam, spray it with adhesive and attach it to your seat.


Step 5: Place your foam/seat over your batting, leaving enough around the edges 
 to cover the foam.

  Step 6: Cut your fabric, leaving enough around the edges to cover your foam and batting.

Step 7: Fold your fabric over back edge of the seat and staple. I used many staples to keep it together. Make sure your staples are not going through to the other side (ouch!).  Cut the corner of the batting on each corner. It will be easier to fold your fabric over.

Step 8: Cut off extra fabric and batting.

Step 9: Assemble your chair. 
Step 10: Enjoy!

These chairs are beautiful and SO COMFORTABLE! I am totally inspired to redo my dining room seat cushions as well.

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