Thursday, July 5, 2012

Patio Table and Firepit Makeover!

Let the Summer Vacation Begin!
The best part about working for a school  (besides enriching the lives of our youth) is SUMMER VACATION! I am so lucky to have 5 long (unpaid) weeks of staying up late, sleeping in later, and CRAFTING! Have a look at what I completed so far.

Project #1: Patio Table and Chairs:

  We have this amazingly large patio on the side of my house that we never use.
 Now that the rain has passed, I plan on adding some plants, Xmas lights, a table, our massive BBQ, a fire pit, and this beautiful table that I found on Craigslist!
Unfortunately, I am horrible at taking before pictures. This is the picture from the actual Craiglist ad. It is hard to see, but the table is OLIVE GREEN with a horrible blue top. YIKES!!

 I started painting this bad boy ASAP! I used paint that was in the garage, which ended up being indoor paint, so I had to add 4 or 5 coats of spray on sealant. It actually took a ton of primer and 4 or so coats of paint for each chair.
 The yellow and lime chairs are actually indoor/outdoor spray paint, which  covered very well. I am  really happy with the way it turned out.
                                                           (Sorry for the rainy day pictures)
 I also painted one of the the yucky  plastic chairs we had outside (I originally rescued it from the dumpster at school). I think the red  gave it a whole new life.

Project #2 Free Fire Pit

  This is another Craiglist find, it was a free garage sale left over. I didn't take a before picture of it, but it was pretty horrible. It was black in some places, but was mostly just a pile of rust and spiders. Bear sprayed it off with the hose and was freaked out  by all of the spiders. He made it stay outside for a few nights, and made me inspect the back of his truck...what a baby.

 Anyhow, I found some high-temp black spray paint at Walmart for 3.77, and I ordered some red high temp paint from Amazon. I dont know how often we will use it, but it is just one more awesome thing to add to our empty patio. There is a black tray that slides under the bottom, but it was in the garage when I took this picture (in the rain).

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  1. Ok, this is a little funny but I live in Humboldt too and have walked by your house and have seen your table and chairs. I love them! I got a table today at a yardsale to paint and was looking on pinterest to get ideas of what colors to paint it and there your table and chairs were, and I was like I have seen that before. I thought you bought it painted all those bright colors. Anyways small world, and great job! You can check out my blog,, I love being crafty too! oh yeah my name is Amanda!